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Client Testimonials
"My recommendation of Identidot's property coding service is absolute and I have no hesitation in commending it to you."
"A very smart solution to a problem we are facing more and more. The necessary work was done with the greatest efficiency and, although I hope I will never have to find out, I believe I have a far greater chance of recovering stolen goods than before."
"I thoroughly recommend Identidot’s security coding and asset registration service. Having been burgled twice, I feel far more secure now that my treasured possessions have been security coded. The butterfly window stickers are a significant deterrent to any thief who wouldn’t want to risk being caught handling “hot property”."
"The service is excellent and I will not hesitate to tell friends about it. We were certainly extremely happy with the Identidot procedure. Indeed I was fascinated by it. I will certainly mention and recommend it."
"I would of course be happy to mention your security marking services to my friends and other acquaintances."
"I confirm that I was wholly satisfied with the services provided to me by Identidot which were efficiently delivered and tidily completed."
"I shall have no hesitation in recommending Identidot to friends and neighbours."
"Brilliant idea and thank you."
"Thank you for all your work and the courteous manner in which the whole operation was carried out."
"I will certainly recommend your firm to others when suitable occasions arise."
"I would be pleased to recommend your service for consideration by my colleagues within the Fine Art insurance sector."