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Coding Services

Identidot's original offering, our DNA coding service remains the ultimate practical deterrent against theft.

Our well-established and professional service gives our clients peace of mind in the form of a ten-fold reduction in the risk of theft, and the knowledge that should an item be stolen, it can beyond all reasonable doubt be identified and returned to its rightful owner upon recovery.

We offer our coding services in two ways. For smaller collections, small museums or the home, we offer our Home Collections Kit. Designed for up to 50 items, it includes everything you need to securely code and record the items in your collection.

For larger collections, and clients requiring a fully managed coding service we offer a more bespoke solution tailored to your needs.

Our specialist coding staff apply an invisible DNA code to valuables. This code is unique to the client. We also apply another identifying mark, visible only under ultraviolet light.

A professional description of each object, in line with the international Object ID benchmark, is undertaken when coding. This information, alongside accurate dimensions, and the precise location of the DNA coding marks is recorded in our secure asset management database.

A series of detailed digital photographs of each item are taken. These photographs can be used to show alternative views, hallmarks and other distinguishing features.

Because our coding service drastically reduces the risk of theft, specialist brokers and underwriters recognise the value of our system in the battle against crime, as a consequence, our clients can benefit from lower insurance premiums.

Over £3 billion worth of art and antiques are stolen globally each year.