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Frequently Asked Questions
What should you have coded?

Anything you value, regardless of whether it is an antique, work of art or otherwise. There are many items you may consider, but don't overlook heirlooms and other treasured items. Although our services were designed with antiques in mind, everyday items can be coded.

Will the coding process harm objects?

No. Our coders are experts in their field and know where best to apply the DNA. This varies from object to object. Wherever possible, items are coded in situ to minimise disturbance.

The DNA is synthetic and made up of a sugar compound.

Can the coding be removed?

In order to remove the coding, its location would need to be known. As the coding is invisible this makes it almost impossible to remove. The DNA has been bench tested to the equivalent of 100 years exposure, and temperatures as extreme as -40 degrees C and 220 degrees C, meaning items of cutlery and glassware can still be washed in a dishwasher, and outdoor statuary can be coded without the fear of the coding wearing off.

How secure is your Asset Management system? 

Our online Asset Management system is as secure as a banks online system. No one can access information on your valuables except you. All data is encrypted when being transferred and all actions are done on a secure server. Users are required to log in using a generated username and password. We take security very seriously and have invested a lot of time into making sure our online system is as secure as possible. 

Is there a way to try out the online system before committing? 

Yes absolutely. You can register for a free trial here. Through the free trial you can see what our online system is like and what features it offers. The free trial last for 10 days, after that you can decide if you would like to proceed further with us.