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Supporting Designers Evoque Auctions

We sometimes take it for granted as to how items of beauty are made. We see them in shops and galleries but how often do we think about their origin and we all have differing tastes of course - “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Those items need to be made, some by hand others in mass production, but all are initially designed.

We at Evoque are keen on promoting work of the designer, for instance we currently have featured on our auction site, www.evoqueauctions.co.uk  a stunning pendant designed by Judith Crow and hand made to her design in London. 

Judith is a renowned jewellery designer, author and lecturer in precious stones.

This piece, which has been designed and made at our request by Judith, is truly stunning and would grace any occasion.

It is comprised of a 0.56ct diamond in a white gold setting with a Rodian finish in an equilateral shape on a spiga white gold chain.

See this stunning piece on www.evoqueauctions.co.uk